Here's what you should be doing this week, Denton. 

This Will Destory You brings their particular brand of post-rock to Dan's Silverleaf this Thursday evening. 

This Will Destory You brings their particular brand of post-rock to Dan's Silverleaf this Thursday evening. 

Monday, February 25th:

Jazz Night - The Green House | 10pm | Free 
We're not sure who is actually playing tonight (does The Greenhouse publish these things in advance?), but hitting up The Greenhouse on jazz night is always a good idea. Lots of fun drinks and the bands are pretty good more than 50% of the time. Remember the time that we actually had a jazz club? 

A Taste of Herb: a Tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - Dan’s Silverleaf | 5:00pm | Free
If you haven't made it to check out A Taste of Herb at Dan's yet. Today is your day. What else are you gonna do? Spend time with your loved ones? Do you even have booze at home? 

Boxcar Bandits - Hailey's | Free/$5 | 10pm
Boxcar Bandits is a regular at Hailey's Club. They're currently playing every Monday when not on tour. They will also be playing at 35 Denton next month.

Tuesday, February 26th:

Joe Pat Hennen - Dan's Silverleaf | 5pm | Free

Paul Slavens and Friends - Dan's Silverleaf | 8pm | Free
And if Dan's hasn't given you your fill of Paul Slavens goodness (or free shows, for that matter) yet, hit this up. 

Wednesday, February 27th: 

The Green Hour Residency with Robert Gomez - Dan's Silverleaf | 5pm | Free 
an's has another great early, free show on Wednesday. Check this out especially if you like headless chickens

Denton Comedy Collective - Hailey's | 9pm | Free/$
We've heard rumors that some people in Denton are actually funny. Hit this up and tell us if they're true. Also, free pizza. Can you beat that? 

Foreign Mothers / Atomic Tanlines / Deep Throat / Endless Thoughts - Rubber Gloves | 9pm | $5/$7 
Foreign Mothers is a fem-fronted post-rock band that you should definitely check out. Deep Throat is a local band that you'll definitely be hearing more about in the weeks to come. They'll 

Thursday, February 28th:

WE DENTON DO IT PRESENTS: This Will Destroy You / Botany - Dan's Silverleaf | 9pm | $13 ADV / $16 DOS | Buy Tickets: spunetickets.com

Friday, February 29th:

Armadillo Ale Works Launching Party - Oak Street Draft House | 5pm | Free
Yes. Finally. Go to this.