Interview with Authentic Yoga Life by Naomi Wood

Photo by Stephanie Smith

Photo by Stephanie Smith

Authentic Yoga Life is the brand spanking new yoga studio on Austin Street. This Baptiste-inspired power yoga facility is currently the only hot yoga studio in town and is likely to attract all limber and limber-hopeful Dentonites. Owner Valerie Warren has been in the yoga biz many years now, and decided to bring her studio to Denton. When I dropped in for a preview of one of her morning classes, before her grand opening on the 23rd of February, here’s what she said:

Photo by Stephanie Smith

Photo by Stephanie Smith

There are a lot of yoga studios in Denton, what are you bringing to the table that is different from what is already here?

It’s a Baptiste-inspired power vinyasa, which incorporates all levels, and pretty much allows for modifications in each class. Anyone can do this style. And we have green energy heat lamps that have been retrofitted for this building, which allows for the raised temperature to achieve better results.

Recently [a friend] told me that Denton was the new hot spot for creatives.
— Valerie Warren

Why did you choose Denton as the startup site for this particular studio?

Well, Denton has a lot of creative energy, more so than the other cities that I’ve done yoga in for years. I think Denton is receptive to wellness, and I wanted to help light up the community with my studio. You know, I used to think Denton was a boring place back when I went to school here many years ago, but recently talking to a girlfriend of mine, she told me that Denton was the new hot spot for creatives, and I had to come check it out for myself. So I decided that this was the best place to expand my studio venture.

You said you’re really interested in wellness, do you have anything else in mind to bring to the community besides yoga?

I’m interested in bringing more education and research to this practice, and I think Denton has a culture of people who are interested in that sort of thing, so on the 23rd at our grand opening for the studio, I’m having a community class and a couple of guests yogi’s come out from Dallas. We will offer talks and resources for those interested in little things like that. I also have a friend driving out a bus called the “yoga boutique” on wheels and they’ll be selling all kinds of goodies that day outside the studio.

Photo by Stephanie Smith

Photo by Stephanie Smith

We have a lot of students in this city. What do you plan on doing to entice them?

Right now we have a special going on for $30 for 30 days of yoga. That’s unlimited sessions for 30 days, so you can get a feel for the studio and see if it works for you.

What kind of things are you planning on doing to contribute to the small-town feel of Denton and the culture within?

On our grand opening, any and all donations made that day will benefit the Denton Community Food Center, and we are also featuring other local business that day like NV cupcakes right next door.

Authentic Yoga Life is located at 218 North Austin Street, right off the square. There grand opening is Saturday, February 23rd. Be there and get your downward dog on, y’all. / Facebook