Ornament from  Savvie Design Co.  at The DIME Store. 

Ornament from Savvie Design Co. at The DIME Store. 

Y'all already know we push spending your hard-earned cash locally, so can we just skip the part where we talk about why that's a good thing to do and local economies and blah blah blah? Yeah? Good. Anyway, y'all are lucky that there's so many crafty people with initiative living all around you. They make lots of cool stuff that you can purchase as gifts for your friends/family/dogs/what-have-you. Actually, now that we think of it, is there a local company that makes animal clothing? Not that we know of. Get on it, y'all! Below are three separate gift guides that will help you spend money in town. If you have any local gifts you'd like to receive, let us know in the comments and maybe your Mom will buy it for you if she reads the blog, too. 


For the Denton lover:

A dozen Christmas Eve Cinnamon Rolls from Royal's Bagels

Photo from  Mandy Cave Watercolor  

Holiday Lighting Collectible Denton Christmas Ornaments

A bag of coffee from one of our many different coffee roasters (which we'll highlight later): Bookish, Macaroni Island, Seven Mile, Coffeewright, or some coldbrew from Dead Beat Coffee

Morrison’s Corn Kits

An authentic Denton-made Acme Brick

A model of a Peterbilt Truck

Denton-centric watercolors or coasters from the DIME Store.

A gift certificate to Recycled. They’re currently running a promotion where you can get a $100 gift certificate for only $80.


For the dudes:

Lessons from the Ghost Note, because he’s always wanted to be a drummer at heart. He just doesn't talk openly about it. 

Y’all play board games, right? We sure do. We like to stroll by More Fun Comics, Books and Games on the square and get a new one every now and then. Small World is great, but if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, then go for Fluxx or Cards Against Humanity (if it’s in stock).

Picture from  Austin Street Apothecary  

Some Mustache Wax from Rose Costumes.

Or, if you’re completely into your dude’s facial hair (it is Denton, after all), get ‘em the leather dopp kit from Of Mud and Coal and a little of that awesome beard tonic from Austin Street Apothecary. 

A CHL course at Quail Creek Gun Range.

A couple giant aluminum letters (maybe a couple of you can get the letters for “BUTT,” "BEER," or “DUMB” if you hurry) from Serendipity.


For the ladies:


This “Dreaming of Denton” dress from Modcloth, designed to make you think about strolling around on the square. 

Photo by  Rachel Elise . 

Photo by Rachel Elise

A Rachel Elise clutch - the bag to be seen with in Denton. She makes some awesomely handsome bags for pretty ladies. They even have a date purse - the perfect way to hint that you'd like a date for someone maybe? 

Handmade jewelry from Archerplusshare from her Etsy shop or available at the DIME store. It's the perfect way to buy jewelry without over-thinking diamonds or hearts. 

Lavender bath salts and body butter from Austin Street Apothecary - also available at The DIME Store. 

$30 for 30 days deal at Authentic Yoga Life. Put those Lululemon pants to use!

Mandy Cave Watercolor Denton-centric cards or some cheeky Triple Threat Press cards for writing all of her friends and family. Everyone one loves a little snail mail every now and then, right?

A cool, old film camera from Denton Camera Exchange. Maybe some Impossible Film to go with it (depending on what you’re getting).

A future class from Cardo's Farm Project, because natural dyes and canning are totally skills a Dentonite should have. And, yes, they can teach you how to pickle that.