Is it winter yet? Sure feels like it. Time to bundle up and hit the mean streets of Denton to check out what’s happening. There’s tons of stuff going on but we paired it down in this neat little list of ten things since it’s just not possible to go to everything that happens. This week we’ve got different breweries in town plus the inaugural Oaktopia Fest that will be happening on Saturday. Make sure to get click happy with your cameras and hashtag happy with your #WDDI and check back on Monday to see if your picture made it on the What We Did post.

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Wednesday November 13
NTX Beer Week: Four Corners Brewing Co. | East Side Social Club | 7PM | 
There’s a week of really cool breweries taking over one of our favorite bars, and since Four Corners is also one of our favorites we figured we’d let you know that this would be a good day to check out what’s going on. While you sip away you also get to keep the glass and meet the owner.

JFK: Breaking The News | Dan’s Silverleaf | 8PM | Donations
Watch this riveting KERA documentary and ask questions from Bob Huffaker, a reporter who was there on the scene when Lee Harvey Oswald was shot. This is a pretty awesome little slice of Denton that happens every year at about this time. 


Thursday November 14
Peter Case / Isaac Hoskins | Dan’s Silverleaf | 9PM | $12
Here’s a night of songwriters for songwriters. Quite a pairing and possibly the perfect venue for this sort of thing.

Something Combobulated | Cora Staffor Gallery | 5PM
We’re guessing this is a mixed media show. Check out the reception on Thursday and let us know exactly what the heck is going on here.

Spiderweb Salon + Koan School Gallery Opening | Jupiter House | 6:30PM
Jupiter House get’s new art on the walls this Thursday and the nice folks at Spiderweb Salon are doing the hanging. This is a three-month collaborative show with middle-schoolers and teachers from The Koan School.


Friday November 15
Chambers / Camp David / The Days / Bryce Gilbertson | 1711 Riney Rd. | 9PM | FREE
It’s a good ol’ fashioned, Denton house show! Newcomers to the scene, Camp David, are the ones to be on the lookout at this one. Dress to impress, fellas. 

Saturday November 16
King of The Golden Triangle Alley Cat Race | The Square | 11AM | $5 Entry Fee
Well here’s an interesting little Saturday activity for all of you cyclists in town. The race starts at noon and is hosted by the Tuesday Night Bike Ride. There are 10 stops to be mailed to each racer the night before the race and the after party is at East Side Social Club. Fixed and Geared categories on this one.

Oaktopia | Downtown Denton | 2PM | $22

Tuesday November 19
Dead Confederate / Equals / Daniel Markham | Dan’s Silverleaf | 8PM | 8PM | $10

Blessed Are They…UNT A Cappella Choir’s 75th Anniversary Concert | The Murchison | 8PM | $10
Ahhhhhh….Cappella. They’ve been at it for 75 years so that’s something to sing about. Herbert Howell’s Take Him, Earth, For Cherishing is on the top of the set list and is a work resulting in the linking of Kennedy’s death with his sons.