Denton Femme Fest is just one of the three things you can donate to that we are highlighting this month. 

Denton Femme Fest is just one of the three things you can donate to that we are highlighting this month. 

It’s been a while since we last took a while at the Denton crowdfunding scene. For those not in the know, crowd funding is sourcing money from local friends, family and invested peoples to help fund your project, idea or startup. We heard tell of a few projects making the rounds and figured it was as good of a time as any to search through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and a few others to bring to you the best of crowdfunding that Denton has to offer.

Have a look through the following three campaigns and decide for yourself if one tickles your fancy. If so, hurry over to their page and donate. You’ll feel good about yourself for the rest of the day and probably get a prize later on.

Odds are if you have a kid and follow the Den10, you’ve crossed paths with Anyah Brittain Martinez and a baby version of the Explorium before. She’s often up at the Community Market on Saturday mornings with engaging toys, activities and craft projects for youngsters. The Explorium is a hopeful children’s science museum to be located in Denton, TX that Martinez would like to open. Proceeds from this campaign will go towards renting an actual physical space for the Explorium to operate their various exhibits within.

Every once in a while we get jealous of larger cities and their many kid-friendly activities. It always happens when we visit the Austin Children’s Museum, the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History does it, and now that the new Perot Museum is open in Dallas, it happens more than ever. We know this is a project on maybe 1/1000th of that scale, but something is better than nothing, and a little bit of heart can go a long way. Denton kids are in dire need of something like this. Unfortunately for us, there isn’t anyone with the last name Perot or overly-deep pockets living within our city limits with a foundation that needs to expel super large amounts of money. Maybe one day, but not now. For now, it’s up to us. If you can, donate to this project. It really does seem to have the best of the community in mind. The Explorium is looking for funding through “GoFundMe,” so don’t expect any silly gifts in return (it’s more like donating to a public broadcaster except with less guilt beforehand) - just the honest feeling of knowing you tried to help something good happen.



Local community activist and super-active social media person, Amber Briggle, has been in this column before. Last time we saw Briggle, she was pushing for a splash park, and while that’s still in the works, she’s back again, this time for her own, personal massage business, Soma Massage Therapy. Soma, apparently, is looking to grow.

Briggle wants to move her business out of her home and into a new space, get a new logo, and purchase some new equipment, amongst other things. This new space will also allow her to hire a few new massage therapists, as well. If you’re looking to get a massage yourself, why not go ahead and make a donation (a $100 will get you a massage and you’ll have that civic pride feeling) or, if you have more of a sweet tooth than you do back problems (boy do we envy you), make a donation of $25 and Briggle will bake you up a batch of your favorite cookies. 

If you’re interest in becoming more of a mover and shaker in the community and you like the cut of Briggle’s jib, you can attend this Saturday’s Neighborhood Empowerment Summit at the Denton Civic Center at which Briggle (and a few other cool people) will be giving some words of advice and sharing her experiences.

Here’s a quick and easy one, Daisy Salinas is looking for $200 to fund the Second Annual Denton Femme Fest at Mable Peabody’s. It looks as if it’s going to be a sure thing as they have already almost met their funding goal and the date for the shindig has already been set for November 23rd at Mable Peabody's. The event looks to have it all, complete with dancing, spoken word, a visual art auction, and “diverse” musical performances. In this particular case, your cold, hard cash goes not only towards the production fees associated with making this festival happen, but also the creation of local Latin zine creator’s, Muchacha Fanzine’s, upcoming issue entitled, “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies." A donation of as little as $5 will get you a single copy of one of their past zines of your choice. You can check out their old zines on their Etsy page.