Denton Signage

We'll be the first to admit it, if a new store opens up with a plastic or wood sign with vinyl letters covering the front of it (even worse -- a vinyl banner sign), it probably isn't going to be on our list of places to visit anytime soon. Thankfully, in this town we don't have that problem too often. With the addition of the new drum shop, Ghost Note, to the square, Denton has gained another beautiful piece of signage to an already impressive list. With some notable exceptions, (Morrison's - figured we'd give others a fighting chance), we gathered a few photographs of other signs we like in town (some old and some new). Look through them below and vote on which sign you think is the best in town in the poll below. 

 The Ghost Note

Denton Square Donuts

 The Campus Theatre

Bookish Coffee Mural 

 Atomic Candy

 Loco Cafe


 Denton Donuts

 Black Box

 SoHo Salon

 Now tell us! Vote in the poll below and let us know which sign is your favorite in town: 


The above photographs by no means represent the high number of beautiful signs in town. If we left out your fav, let us know in the poll or comments.