A Look at Denton Crowdfunding: Winter 2012

Back in September, we took a glance at a few projects going on around town that were looking to family, friends and kind people to help get their dreams and ideas moving forward through the donation of money. It's called crowdfunding or crowdsourcing and is becoming more and more popular. Websites such as Kickstarter.com and IndieGoGo.com are two of the pioneers. Some of the projects we highlighted were successful and some were far from it. It's a few months later so we thought it appropriate to check back in and see if anything interesting was happening in the world of crowdfunding. 

Here’s a look at a few of the current Denton-specific Kickstarter projects that are in need of funding and some of the returns you can get in exchange for donation. Feel free to watch the videos and if any strike your fancy, by all means donate and tell us in the comments what you donated to and why!

1 - Girl remaking her childhood in photos

First up, Alizsha Pennington wants your money. She’s a fine arts photographer who wants to complete a project in which she purchases specific items that she owned/played with during her childhood and takes photographs with them for a catharsis of sorts. Pledges of at least $50 receive a print of one of the resulting images from the series.

2 - Donation for expansion of Masjid

The Islamic Society of Denton is looking for $100,000 for an expansion of their mosque. Apparently, there is a lack of space for the current attendees of the mosque (not-to-mention to accommodate for Denton’s future population growth). In addition, they’d like to make more room for students and classes that are already being held in cramped offices and the like. Any one person who provides a monetary donation will apparently be rewarded through sadaqa jariah which stays with you even through death, dudes. So there’s that.

3 - Virgin Wolves

Local rock band, The Virgin Wolves, is looking for cash to complete their first full-length record. A $25 donation will net you a digital download of the record a few days before it’s release. Interested in hearing The Virgin Wolves? Check out the video below:

Do you know of a Denton-related project that is currently looking for funding? Would you like for us to highlight it on our website? Shoot an email to will@wedentondoit.com and we’ll see what we can do.