Five Local Last Minute Christmas Gifts

With Festivus having come and gone very quickly this year Christmas is now right on our doorstep. Unfortunately, we've been really busy and forgot to buy our besties some gifts. We're not fretting, though. We know that there's plenty of local businesses that can help us out in a pinch. Here's where we're stopping. Maybe we'll see you there?

5. Rose Costumes

Head up to Rose's (288 and 35 by the antique malls) and wander around the labyrinthian mix of costumes until you get to the front counter. Maybe your significant other needs a wig? Maybe they need a set of pasties? Maybe you don't want to get slapped in the face and should buy them a gift certificate instead. Rose's can help you with all of these things. Make sure you check out the bathroom before you leave.

4. Jupiter House

Run over to Jupiter House before they close up shop for the holidays and start your friend or loved one a tab. Just give the barista the name of the person you're purchasing a tab for and they'll be getting macchiatos on you for the next month or so.

While there, you could also purchase an I Heart Denton T-shirt. Not only will your friend be decked out in their love of an awesome town, but you'll also be giving a charitable contribution to make sure that families in need don't die of heat stroke in the summer. It's a win-win purchase, really.

3. Denton Square Donuts

Maybe your BFF is a total coffee nerd like us and you'd like to get them the best cup of joe Denton has to offer. Well, surprisingly Denton Square Donuts is the place you should go. In addition to packing some pretty delicious pastries, Denton Square Donuts also sells bags of locally-roasted Bookish coffee. Get yourself a maple bacon bar before you leave.

2. Metzler's Food and Beverage

You live in Denton so your friends and family are most likely alcoholics. Why not be an enabler (it's the holidays, after all) and stop by Denton's best beer and wine selection to grab them something that'll make the holidays a little easier to tolerate? Maybe get yourself something, too.

1. 35 Denton Passes

Delayed gratification is a good thing. It's what separates us from the animals. Grab your friend a 4-day pass to Denton's best festival for the low price of $55 here. 35 Denton 2012 has already surpassed their previous booking efforts and looks to be an awesome time. In fact, maybe you should buy us a pass, too? You can give it to us under the mistletoe.