Gutterth has had quite a run these past few years – issuing numerous local releases (New Science Projects, Daniel Folmer, Nervous Curtains, Dear Human), being nominated for The Dallas Observer Best Local Music Advocates and Best Podcast and for hosting numerous Episodes of live shows featuring bands they think you should hear.

All the while they’ve been collecting interviews and recordings and coding a new website which launches

As the website explains:

"The Violitionist Sessions are 3 questions and 3 songs with bands from Denton and bands passing through Denton, recorded in a home in the best music city in the country. The sessions are all recorded live with no overdubs and no fancy tricks.
The goal is to document a moment in time. This is what happened in Denton, Texas."

That last sentence is the reason We Denton Do It and Violitionist will be teaming up to present to you, the most original content from local and national acts ever to come out of our tiny corner of the world.


So in honor of Seryn's This is Where We Are releasing today (buy the record at and the launch of Violitionist -- we're offering some Mp3's plus a video of what you should be expecting in the future.