Chairlift + John Maus

On September 12, 2009 Chairlift was touring with John Maus. We had a chance to interview Aaron Pfenning from Chairlift and John Maus as well. The interview was filmed last minute on a rainy night outside of Haileys. Our damaged tape nearly ruined the interview but we were manage to salvage what we had. 

In this video we're taking a look at two artists on tour together.  Aaron, one of the major elements of Chairlift and lives in Brooklyn, and John Maus, who plays keys in Chairlift and performs as a solo act and on the side teaches philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa.  We were lucky enough to catch an interview with these two as they toured through Denton on Sept. 12th, 2009.  Enjoy.


"Reach out your hands to the one alone in the city" - John Maus