Pursuing the music and arts as a career has never been known to be a financially easy or smooth path. Denton, a hot hub for budding artists and musicians is experiencing a population explosion says Nic Bagherpour. The problem this presents? Starving artists and musicians may find it more difficult to afford living here. Founders of the the new local nonprofit, the Denton Music and Arts Collaborative, have set out to combat that issue, starting with subsidizing health care for artists and musicians.

Co-founder Nic Bagherpour, was hit with sudden and unexpected health care crisis several years ago  in which he needed to have immediate lung surgery. Coming out of the procedure he was unprepared to cover the cost of a $32,000 bill. This, he said is what has inspired him to help make the health care experience a little more manageable for others like himself.

The other co-founders,  who are all also seasoned musicians and long-time residents themselves, include Andy Knapick, Matt Mars, KJ Jones, and Wally Campbell.

While the very fresh organization who just had their first meeting this past February, has not yet raised enough funds to start supporting artists and musicians, they do encourage people who need help to visit their website:

 Photo by Danielle Marie Longueville. 

Photo by Danielle Marie Longueville. 

 Help kick off the Denton Music and Arts Collaborative at Dan's Silverleaf on August 26th!

Help kick off the Denton Music and Arts Collaborative at Dan's Silverleaf on August 26th!

“We do want people to reach out to us and start making connections with us so that we know who to help when we have means to do so,” co-founder Bagherpour said.

Their current goal is to raise funds and better understand the health care system and how it works by networking with health care professionals so that they may pass that knowledge down to artists and musicians.

Once DMAC begins to reach their initial objective of subsidizing healthcare, other ideas to support artists and musicians currently on the back burner include a housing and studio assistance program, a community outreach program, “creatives’ lodge” similar to Sons of Herman Hall in Dallas.

The non-profit intends to to host local fundraising events throughout the year in which will showcase local talent in town as well as surrounding areas. Be sure to attend their first big fundraising event set to happen at Dan’s Silverleaf on August 26th at 4 pm. There will be a free art market until 7 pm. And what better chance to check out Texas' best polka band, Brave Combo, along with Body English, and Sunbuzzed all while helping to support Denton artists and musicians. More info on the Facebook event page. If you're busy that night, you can also head over to Game Changers on August 14th for a mini "meet and greet" fundraiser. 10% of all food and beverage sales go to DMAC and you get to play some retro arcade games in good company. More info here |