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What do you do when you want delivery, but just can't stomach Domino's pizza and wings? You get crazy and Lodel of course. Read on to find out why we dig this devout Denton delivery dealer. 

 Making drinks at home while waiting for Lodel. 

Making drinks at home while waiting for Lodel. 

Let's be real, the end of the school year is hard on parents, kids, teachers, people married to or friends with educators. Between the grades, the field trips, the final projects and the commencement ceremonies we jam pack our time with parties, end of the school year shindigs and summer kick-offs. All of these things are great, but also exhausting. Am I the only that is this tired? I'm not right? Yeah, admit it - you are too. 

So what do we do when needing a night in not cooking? We use the newest delivery app in Denton, Lodel. They've got more than pizzas and sandwiches delivered freaky fast. Lodel makes it easy to check through available restaurants, access their menus and order online. Not too long after you order, you get to track your delivery driver and watch them come straight to your door with the piping hot food you were actually craving. 

So whether you're having a quiet night in with friends and don't want to dirty the dishes or spend hours slaving over the stove and stressing over the menu, or you're hanging solo and just can't be more than a motionless blob on the couch, Lodel is ready to come to the rescue. 

Pull up the app or the website, choose your food mood, and get to ordering. We love that they have everything from Yummi's Greek food to the JuiceLab. Pick, click, and watch your driver deliver from the comforts of home. Try it out and let us know what you think!