The weekend is here, you're ready for a few tacos and a margarita, and at least one of your friends is currently ranting about the demise of the Denton music scene, the death of Rubber Gloves, and the illuminati's money taking over our town. Escape that argument with a one night trip to some random dude's sweaty living room, where you and all your friends can get ready to rock those work week realities away. The Syndicate is hosting a free show at The Purple Palace, located at 521 Malone St, Denton, Tx, 76201, and featuring music from Donella Drive, Dome Dwellers, Children of Indigo, Class Action and Biscuit Head. Get this line up a snuggie and some flu medicine because it is sick!

Donella Drive is a high energy, progressive, funk rock band hailing from San Antonio who released a 6-track EP, "Anomalous," in April of 2015 and will be playing their debut show in Denton tonight. The band describes themselves as creating "music that is both aggressive and powerful, while maintaining accessibility and maximum groove," and the music blog Sobre Sound's recently compared them to Glass Jaw and Circa Survive.

Dome Dwellers will be playing their last set for several months before they hunker down in an Austin recording studio dungeon to record their newest album, Class Action is finally playing again after about a six month hiatus while their singer spent a semester in France, and Biscuit Head broke up back in January when one of the members moved to Denver, but he's back in town this week so they're doing a reunion show. There are so many reasons to grab a six pack and get funky tonight, y'all.

Still not sure it's worth paying zero dollars to get in? Well we partnered with Sad Boys Club to include a 15-track playlist with music from each artist playing, so listen below for a taste of what you'll hear this evening.

Nathan Williams is going on his seventh year livin' in Denton. He's 24, an avid moped rider, screen printer, local music enthusiast and runs his own blog, Sad Boys Club. You can follow him on Instagram @Sundayprintshop, another small company he runs and a great place to get your merch made.