City councilman Kevin Roden openly vaped during a city council meeting Tuesday evening. Roden pulled from his pocket a vape pen purchased from North Texas Vapor Shop called the “Dr. Dabber Ghost.” North Texas Vape Shop is located on E. Hickory St. in District 1 (Roden’s district).

Roden’s vape cloud was met with astonishment from both fellow city council members and a crowd of concerned citizens watching. One citizen was even heard to exclaim, “He’s vaping natural gas! Get him!”

For those not in the know, the website Vapor Soul defines vaping as, "the act of inhaling vapor from e-liquid through a personal vaporizer." Vaping is often thought to be a modern day healthier alternative to cigarette smoking as it offers fewer toxins and the resulting vapor is odorless and fades away quickly. Many claim that actual longterm scientific evidence as to the actual healthiness of vaping has not yet been provided, but Roden don't care. 

No one actually said anything to Roden immediately after the exhale, but council member Joey Hawkins remarked later on that he was surprised to see a vape cloud during a city council meeting and that the move was especially surprising considering that Roden was a big proponent behind the new Denton smoking ordinance that was passed last year. 

When asked about the situation and if he were attempting to make some sort of commentary or statement with his vaping, Roden informed us that he had been inhaling Sriracha flavored vape juice. You can purchase your own vape device at any of the 100 different vape-related stores in Denton County. Also, it is April 1st, y'all.