Words by Sarah Odum


Anyone remember doing those “lock-In” events when you were in Junior High? We do — rollerblading around a basement, playing Truth or Dare, watching whatever the cult classic was at the time for a youth, guzzling two liter bottles of Surge. Ya’ll, remember Surge? We think it’s since been outlawed. If these memories are sweet ones for you, we have good news! You have a chance to relive your zestful youth! And if these images are less than savory to you, here’s a chance to redeem what an “all-nighter” can mean. This Friday, April 1st, the Greater Denton Arts Council (GDAC) is hosting ARTS ALL NIGHT, a fun-filled event running from 6pm-6am! Read on to let us convince you why this is the best way to pull an all-nighter.

 Image provided by GDAC, photo taken by Kristen Watson. 

Image provided by GDAC, photo taken by Kristen Watson. 

Close your eyes and think of a list of your favorite things. What makes the list — Dancing? T-shirts? Beer? Movies? DIY crafts? Poetry? Karaoke? Coffee...FREE coffee?! Music...LIVE music?! If even one of these makes the list, ARTS ALL NIGHT will do the trick. Allow us to paint a picture of how your evening could look (cue dream sequence music):

Start the evening off by treating your ears to music from the Vintage Jazz Society. With Denton’s jazz reputation being what it is, it would behoove you to take a listen. From there you can soak up the other musicians of the night, both award-winning & straight outta Denton: Brave Combo & Jessie Frye. Dancing is recommended. Speaking of dance, both the TWU Dance department and the Denton Celtic Dancers will be performing, the latter giving you a chance to channel your inner Michael Flatley.

In addition to all of the current exhibits being open to view (one of them as a Flashlight Tour!), you’ll also have the chance to create your own pieces and to watch live artist demonstrations. And if you believe that storytelling comes in many forms (we do), you’ll be happy with the options: family-friendly bedtime stories, poetry readings, and karaoke singing. Ok, calling karaoke a story-telling art form may be a stretch, but it’s just too fun to leave out. Before you grab the mic, don’t forget to grab a freshly screen printed tee from the Norman Roscoe people. Represent.

Plan on finishing strong and welcoming the dawn with a double-header movie viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment (both set in Denton). What could be better that this kooky, creepy classic in those final hours, where you’re losing sight of your goals and need inspiration to carry on? Put on your thigh-highs and platforms (a la Dr. Frank n Furter) and embrace your second wind, people.  

And if it’s been awhile since your last all-nighter and you’re concerned about keeping your energy up, you’re in luck! Jupiter House will be handing out complimentary coffee all night long, Audacity Brew House will supply free beer samples (while they last), and local food trucks will be standing by for all your hunger needs.

Convinced? Need more info? Check out the full schedule & details HERE. See ya’ll there!


Friday, April 1, 6 PM – 6 AM, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center

$10 for public, FREE for GDAC members and children under 12