Sarah Jaffe, Denton’s sweetheart, came through town this past weekend, selling out Dan’s Silverleaf back-to-back nights on Saturday & Sunday. With mostly standing room only, people quickly filled in on a chilly Sunday right as Doug Burr kicked off an early evening of fantastic local music.

 Doug Burr playing Dan's Silverleaf on Sunday evening. 

Doug Burr playing Dan's Silverleaf on Sunday evening. 

The All-American sounding Doug Burr delivered a riveting set full of rumbling chords with just a disdain hint of melancholic resonance. Burr released his latest studio album, Pale White Dove, last April and is currently planning on recording new songs later this Spring. The singer/songwriter took a seat for his final song, ‘Arrow Hits The Sparrow,’ with his Framus Texan in his lap.

After a quick 30-minute stage set change, Sarah Jaffe took to the stage saying “it feels good to be here” as she began her set. As a Dentonite who is pretty in tune with local female musician goings-on, it has been extremely rewarding as a fan to watch the progression of Sarah Jaffe.

 Doug Burr playing Dan's Silverleaf on Sunday evening. 

Doug Burr playing Dan's Silverleaf on Sunday evening. 

Five years ago she was playing secret shows in the aisles of Recycled Books and slinging drinks at Dan’s in her down time. With the exceptions of 2009 and 2013, Jaffe has put out a new album every year for the last 8 years, with her newest EP, Visions, hitting last summer.

“I Worked at Dan’s for 3 years. They hire the some of the best people ever,” she shared as she nodded to Scott Danbom who was playing keys to her right, also a current Silverleaf bartender during his non-touring and non-busy times.

Breaking between most songs for a quick word or two, she shared with the crowd her relationship with Burr. “I met Doug on Myspace when I was 20,” she said. “He took me under his wing, and is still to this day one of my favorite artists.”

Earlier in Burr’s set he vocally appreciated Jaffe as well, saying “Sarah, you set the road for me,” acknowledging how hard it is to make it in the music industry.

However hard it is to make it in this industry, Jaffe was just as excited as most of the crowd about the evening’s set being an early one. She sprinkled quips through her songs, saying “Isn't it so wonderful that it isn't 8 yet?” and “I can’t wait to go home, watch dateline, reflect on this great time and then.. *snoring noises*” followed by a giggling crowd.

Watching her play to a small, intimate crowd of Dentonites is much more rewarding as a fan than seeing her play a show at a huge Dallas venue. The energy alone that encompassed Dan’s Silverleaf that evening was incredible. She was on home-turf, of course it’s going to be different.

“I can literally drive 9 hours and hear crickets, so thank you all very much,” Jaffe said to the roaring crowd before she finished her set (pre-encore). I think we were on the same page.

Her second encore song couldn’t have come at a better time. Jaffe told the audience she had shared this the night before, for the first time since David Bowie’s passing. She wrote a song, a simple and heartfelt thank-you, to the late Bowie, entitled ‘Did David Feel Like This.’ 

Jaffe makes it look so easy, so natural. She had the crowds attention from this first word she spoke on stage and carried it well after her set was finished. The crowd even sung parts of ‘Vulnerable’ and ‘Clementine’ to her, which will never get old -- in our opinion -- in the book of great Denton music. We’ve got our hands up, feeling vulnerable too, Sarah.

Doug Burr setlist:

White Night - Black Light
Never Gonna Be Young Again
Revolution Son Blues
Ghost on Water
I Love to Hate You
Chief of Police in Chicago
Thing About Trouble
O Ye Devastator
When the Arrow Hits the Sparrow

Sarah Jaffe setlist:

Glorified High
Slow Pour
Pretender (solo)
Revelation (encore)
Did David Feel Like This (encore)
eaving the Planet (encore)