Words by Alyssa Stevenson


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By now most of us are starting to list out our New Year's resolutions and hoping that they hold out past January. For some of us, a resolution to move more, get more steps in, or be generally healthier than we are when we're binge watching countless hours of Netflix makes the cut. So in an effort to help you navigate the wide world of fitness available in Denton, we've got a little list to help you help yourself. 

Don't see something that's currently dropping your lbs? Share in the comments below and let us in on the secret! 

  1. Need to do good while you're burning those calories? Karma Yoga and Camp Gladiator are group fitness classes that give back to the communities around them with every workout you join. 

  2. Velo Republic hosts some pretty regular bike rides. We hear their big thing is riding around on gravel. 

  3. Join the Denton Area Run Club for a run in the dusk, and sometimes actual dark, for their Wednesday night Social Run at Oak Street Draft House around central Denton. A 5K and a beer aren’t a bad way to get you through that mid-week hump.

  4. Looking for something a little more ‘off the wall’? How about climbing up an actual wall? Summit Gym recently moved into town and has walls a plenty for climbing. How about that for a new workout regime?

  5. Wanting to get your groove on? Did you take ten years of dance classes when you were younger and now miss the joy of putting on ballet shoes? Wish that you could kill it on the dance floor during wedding season? TWU has a Community Dance Center offering adult classes for the ballerina, tap dancer or western swing star in you.

  6. Channel your inner Rocky and join the Denton Boxing Club or TITLE Boxing Club.

  7. Ready to join the barre craze? Pure Barre and Twisted Bodies have classes that will have you making tiny movement that make your muscles shake for as long as you can stand it.

  8. Prefer your workout in a box, with other people as pumped as you are to do burpees and squats? Grab your knee socks and spandex shorts and head to the closest CrossFit gym. CrossFit Denton will get you whipped into shape.

  9. Grab a golf club and get to the North Lakes driving range. That’s 200 calories in an hour right there. Also known as two tacos. Not into wearing polos? Try frisbee golf

  10. If yelling isn’t your thing, but wearing your headphones and sweating on an elliptical is, your run of the mill equipment packed corporate gyms are all ready and available. As usual you’ll have access to a wall of big screens, tanning beds and iron clad contracts to get you started. Try out Brickhouse, Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness or LA Fitness if you're that type of person.

  11. Looking for a puddle of sweat to go with your chaturanga? Want to feel all of your toxins leave your body through your pores while you practice ujjayi breathing in an extra warm room? Authentic Yoga Life and Inspire Yoga both deliver an extra sweaty yoga class. There is also the classic Yoga Hut and Denton Yoga as well.

  12. Miss group sports? There’s a league for that.

  13. Speaking of Parks & Rec - the gym memberships at the rec centers are incredibly affordable, don’t have any start up fees, and are all nestled into your neighborhoods. Stop by the Denia, MLK or North Lakes Rec Centers and check them out.

  14. Go for the old standby, and just go outside and run. Or walk. Or jog. Or do what I do and enjoy a combo of all three. Grab your headphones, lace up your tennis shoes and breathe in the crisp air while you can. Take a look around at the neighborhood while you’re at it. You already pay for the streets and sidewalks, so get a little more familiar with them. Check out the closest park or go out to somewhere like Clear Creek if you need a change of scenery. Most of them have a great little running/jogging trail that loops around.