Houston native, RiFF RAFF played at Denton's very own Rockin' Rodeo last Thursday, and it was a real treat, y'all. We had no idea what to expect when first walking into the club on a Thursday. Who the hell goes to see RiFF RAFF during finals week in Denton, we asked? Turns out, its a lot of college-aged, hazy-eyed teens and young twenty somethings. No judgement, guys. We were there, too.


If you've seen any of RiFF RAFF's videos online, you pretty much know what you're getting yourself in to. RiFF RAFF, born Horst Christian Simco, has been on our playlist for a couple of years and we were really looking forward to seeing him live, in Denton. The last time we saw him was at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin a few years back and it was not a bad experience. The dude can get really hyped on stage, and that kind of enthusiasm is greatly appreciated as a show attendee. 

If you haven't seen him live or online before, you may have heard of a movie called Spring Breakers, in which the character known as "Alien" is very loosely based off of perceived hip hop artist RiFF RAFF's life. Who's to know what his life is truly about, besides the Golden Alien himself. Seeing how he is suing the motion picture for $10 million, we suppose he would know. Also, we hear that he is currently training with Hulk Hogan getting his neon pythons ready for the WWE. You will soon be able to see someone body slam RiFF RAFF. Y'all. This is real life.

You will soon be able to see someone body slam RiFF RAFF. Y'all. This is real life.

There were five opening acts before the Neon Icon, including local's J Whoa and Fab Deuce. Most notably, the twerking little people on stage throughout the evening of the show. RiFF RAFF came on stage and the crowd got pretty loud, considering the general vibe at this point was fairly mellow. DJ Boogie played popular rap songs between the sets to keep the crowd awake and moving, but everyone seemed to especially perk up when Mr. RAFF took the stage. Although it was kind of hard to tell what he was saying through some of his songs, and he was definitely lip synching or not singing through some parts, the crowd was still really in to it.

During a song called "Kokanye," RiFF RAFF and another dude threw five boxes worth of pizza out in to the crowd, slice by slice. A kid who was standing next to us picked up a slice and proceeded to scream about it and then grabbed their phone to take a selfie of them fake-eating, kissing, and licking said slice. Maybe that kid was up all night on...the pressure of a huge final tomorrow.

We were a little saddened by all the wasted pizza. All in all, it was a typical RiFF RAFF show.