Great Scott! It's finally October, y'all. It's sure as heck time again for another movie night on the courthouse lawn. Last time, we all hunkered down and watched Johnny Depp cut hair, trim hedges, and get a lap dance from a neighbor in the Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands. This time out, we're hitching our wagon to Robert Zemeckis' Delorean with Back to the Future II. Get it down in your calendar ASAP. Wednesday, October 21st, we will be on the courthouse lawn - picnic regalia in tow - ready to get our movie on. 

Why go straight to the middle portion of the time travel-heavy trilogy you ask? Uhhhh...because hover boards are awesome, y'all. What other reason do you need? Aside from that, October 2015 is the time period that Marty and Doc travel forward to in the middle part of this trilogy. Yeah, that's how old you are. Feels weird, huh? Go ahead, check Snopes if you need to. 

We're sponsoring this event along with our friends from Collage, Initiative, Cross Timbers, West Oak Coffee Bar, Oak St. Drafthouse, Eastside, Atomic Candy, Valley Creek Church and More Fun Comics and Games. Once again thanks to the gracious folk at the Denton County Historical Courthouse for letting us use their front yard. 

In addition, we just found out from More Fun Comics that there will be a special edition Back to the Future comic coming out on October 21st to also coincide with the date from the second movie, as well. More Fun will have that special edition variant cover to purchase the day of the screening, so we suggest heading over there before the movie starts. We've heard good things about the new comic series. 

Here's a quick preview if you've forgotten how great this movie was: 

The movie starts at 7pm next Wednesday, October 21st. So call up some buds (maybe even a "pal"), mark your calendars and we recommend biking or walking since the wonderful Texas fall weather will be in place at that point and because where we're going we don't even need roads. If you plan on bringing a young one, make sure they've seen the first movie of the trilogy beforehand so they'll already be knee-deep in Doc and Marty's hijinks.