Local photographer, Zach Ashcraft, taking some shots on an Instawalk through Denton we held during 35 Denton in March. 

Local photographer, Zach Ashcraft, taking some shots on an Instawalk through Denton we held during 35 Denton in March. 

With our weekly What We Did column, we get to see hundreds of photos of life in Denton every single week. With that in mind, our Instagram following feeds are kinda rockin'. If you follow along with our #WDDI, yours probably are, too. If not, we've gone ahead and made a list of what we think are some of the best Instagram feeds in Denton. We had a few rules in mind when we made this list, though. First off, we wanted to keep it personal - i.e. no businesses or self-promotion. Just people documenting awesomeness. Second, we wanted feeds that often featured Denton. Either local events, bands, places, or whatever so long as it featured or showed off the place we call home in some way, even if as a backdrop. Finally, we wanted feeds that posted only their own work - not accounts that just shared the best images from other accounts. But aside from those three rules, we were open to whatever! Below are eight of our favorite instagram feeds in Denton. Check 'em out and let us know what Instagram accounts you like in the comments. 

Zach Huggins' Instagram feed is a wonderful slice of life on Denton, TX. Tons of candids, street style photographs full of alleys and angles that you normally walk by without noticing. An interesting viewpoint of the things you see everyday, Huggins does a wonderful job of documenting what life is like for a large group of young Dentonites. 

Ashley is a local ceramics student and bartender at Dan's. We love keeping up with her current work. One of our favorite things about instagram is that it allows us to live vicariously through all of the talented folks we know (and some that we only know through the internet - "Hi, I know you from the internet.") in town. 

@Evie_Marie is a fine arts photographer who produces ethereal images on her Instagram feed that we kinda love. The faded shadows and highlights and muted tones are addicting. 

Dogs and motorcycles and dogs and motorcycles. We like Little's 'gram feed mostly because he identifies himself as a post-punk Bobby Hill. Just don't take his purse. 

You'll probably recognize some of Wintersee's work from What We Did. We seem feature at least one of her photos a week. She is constantly capturing captivating conceptions via square aspect ratios. Its always nice to come across photographers who have a solid style. It's pretty easy to pick out one of her photos from a batch of 20. Just look for the muted tones, minimalist backdrop and encroaching bits of nature. Oh, also @JubileeFarm

Scout Denton has a pretty clear mission: provide a visual guide to the city. The feed is full of beautiful landmarks, iconic homes, and other interesting places both in and around denton. They're kind of the king of Denton Instagram and seem to have spawned at least one sub-account, too. They have a popular, self-referencing hashtag on Instagram, too. 

@ThePaigels seems to get around quite a bit. More than we do, even. And she documents the heck out of her exploits and beautifully, too, if we do say so ourselves. 

@Snowberrylife's feed has beautiful, bright photos of her kiddo, food, and nature and we love it more and more each week. Sometimes there are those Instagram feeds that make you feel jealous of what that person is up to while you're pretending to write an important email on your phone at work. This is one of those accounts. 

We had a hard time with this one because @ShopDenton has a ton of self-promotion for the cool shirts and such that they make. Aside from that, they often post lots of great shots of what life is like in Denton, TX and some great architectural photos. We had to go with our gut and include 'em. Heck, maybe we should buy one of those @CatsofDenton shirts. Speaking of...

Both @CatsofDenton and @MattressesofDenton make us happy every time they post. 

Or follow the writers of this article on Instagram because we like shameless self-promotion: Will Milne and Sara Button on Instagram.

So what do y'all think? Got any Denton Instagram accounts you think everyone should follow? Let us know in the comments!