This show at Sprockets is one of the many benefit shows planned for Kyndall Ramsey. 

This show at Sprockets is one of the many benefit shows planned for Kyndall Ramsey. 

Denton cares, y’all. In under ten days, members of our local music scene banded together for the sake of their fellow man, or in this case, fellow woman. A woman that illuminates every room she enters. They came together for Kyndall Ramsey, former Dentonite and forever honorary “Music Mama.”

On December 30th, 2014, Ramsey was struck by an SUV while on her daily bicycle commute to work in downtown Waco. Ramsey was rushed to an ICU with a broken femur and severe cranial swelling, forcing medical staff to place her in a medically-induced coma. Though the responsible party remains unknown, it is clear that the financial burden would weigh heavy on Ramsey and her family.

In an instant, friends launched the Kyndall Ramsey Recovery Fund full steam ahead, rallying as much assistance from friends and family as possible. What started as a simple house show snowballed into a three-part series of fundraiser events and a Gofundme account, tallying in a total of nearly $3,000 in funds in a matter of days.

The current tally rests at a whopping $5,726, and the fund’s not over yet. Sprockets Bicycle Shop will play host on January 23rd to Kyndall’s Kause, where attendees can check out local music and possibly win a free bicycle and other freebies in exchange for a donation of just $5. Her gofundme account remains available for online donation.

At the end of the day, the money isn’t what’s impressive about this great little story. It’s the continued growing support and love that has spread like wildfire, thanks to a group of college students who could barely afford to spare the change themselves. But that’s what friends are for, right?