Images by Jordan Stricker of @fiftyfiveonepointfour

Each month we catch up with the DIME Store to hear them brag about one of their many local makers. This month's subject was Carrie Crumbley, the talented gal behind Resoycled. Part vintage hunter, part candle maker, Carrie and her product are largely responsible for the intoxicating smell inside the DIME Store. Read her interview to get the full scoop on her awesome handcrafted goods. 

We Denton Do It: People are totally in love with your vintage vessel candles for two big reasons: 1. Vintage vessels, dur. and 2. Those intoxicating scents. Which came first-- the vessels or the candles?

Carrie Crumbley: Well...can I say both? I was one of those people that never burned candles because I didn't want to part with them. Being a candle maker definitely solves that problem. As for the vessels, I can't get enough of well made glass and ceramics, so having an excuse to hunt for them all of the time is o.k. by me. 

Your product puts you in both the vintage and handmade sectors of the maker world. Which process do you enjoy more-- the hunt or the making?

I enjoy the making more. It's a delicate and scientific process that allows me to slow down from time to time.

How do you dream up all those great and unique scents?

Most of my memories are sparked (like that candle pun?) by my sense of smell. I want to create an experience for my patrons by developing these familiar yet one of a kind items. I’ve had several people say, “My grandmother used to have teacups like that!” I love hearing that, I want for people to relate to these products on a personal level be it through the fragrance or the vessel.

What's your own personal favorite candle scent that you make? 

My favorite has been Egyptian Amber from the very beginning. It is a rich blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and lavender, a perfect combination of masculine and feminine fragrances.

While hunting for candle vessels, do you ever find non-vessel vintage goodies that you just have to have?

ALL THE TIME. I might to have to start a vintage shop.

What's was your all-time favorite vessel that you've used?

I have a lot of fun getting creative with the vessels that I use. I made one in a vintage sugar container like you might find at a little mom and pop diner and another in an old pyrex beaker.

Your products (along with the amazing soaps from Salted Sanctuary) are responsible for the delicious smell of the DIME Store. Please tell us your home smells like that all the time.

It really does. As accustomed as I’ve come to the spruce tree meets bakery meets Anthropologie smell that normally fills my home, that will soon change when I start on a new project making a leather scented candle with Bell & Oak. So, for the next few weeks my house will smell like a saddle and I am cool with that!

How did you get involved with DIME?

The makers at Dime are endlessly supportive and talented and I honestly don't think my tiny business would be what it is today without them. I've always been a huge supporter of what Shelley and Rachel are doing at Dime does and I really just wanted to be a part of it.

Aside from the DIME Store, where can we shop your collection?

You can visit my Etsy shop at Resoycled.etsy.com and soon you will be able to find them at Bell & Oak. There’s a website in the works!


The DIME Store is a shop and artist collective in downtown Denton that features art, craft, and vintage from 40+ local makers. Rachel Aughtry and Shelley Christner act as the "curators and purveyors" of the shop. When they're not at DIME, you'll find them behind their sewing machines or enjoying a margarita at The Greenhouse.