We at We Denton Do It like movies. We even used to host a movie night at the late Hydrant coffee shop back in the early days (remember that, Nick?). We got tired of waiting for that new Wes Anderson movie to make it this side of Lake Lewisville, so we teamed up with our friends at Collage to plan our own movie night. We'll be showing the great Fantastic Mr. Fox next Tuesday, March 25th at 8pm right on the courthouse lawn. The movie is of course based off of the Roald Dahl classic which we encourage you to read to yourself or to your child beforehand. Heck, maybe even let them stay up a little late and hang out with us next Tuesday. So bring some snacks, a blanket, and your affinity for all things George Clooney over to our favorite side of the courthouse next Tuesday. We'll see ya there!