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Saturday morning on the square will look a little more like Red Dawn than usual thanks to a group of camo-clad folks armed with assault rifles strolling downtown waving a giant "come and take it" flag once more. Check out the event page for Come And Take It Denton for more info.

The phrase "come and take it" is co-opted from Texas' message to the Mexican government upon request of their loaner cannon back at the start of the Texas Revolution. In addition, this group is also stating that tomorrow will be "a day of firearm education followed by a barbecue lunch." Supporters of the 2nd Amendment are encouraged to meet on the South courthouse lawn with their favorite assault rifle, stroll around the City of Denton to educate citizens on firearms and then convene for lunch at Gold Mine BBQ


When asked if a group of camo-clad men with assault rifles will be bad for business on the square, Monte Jensen, owner of Mellow Mushroom, replied, "I don't know if it will be bad for business, nor do I know what their hope to come of it is; their raison d'être, if you will.  I certainly support both their First and Second Amendment rights, as granted by the US Constitution. That said, the actions have the potential to put business owners in an awkward spot."

Awkward because they've already had the right to bear arms for two hundred and twenty six years, or awkward because we all know Gold Mine BBQ isn't really barbeque? Either way, citizens of Denton planning on shopping on Saturday at the square might find themselves a little freaked out upon seeing a group of men toting guns of all shapes and sizes. We predict at least two wrecks due to gawking. 

The group's official website has merchandise available and links to an essay entitled When Is It Time To Start Shooting?  Can we recommend that you not start shooting until you've left Denton and are at Quail Creek Shooting Range? Also we recommend taking a Texas Hunters Education course while you're there, where you will learn that the only right you will be exercising on Saturday is your right to be oblivious and belligerent. 

Jeff Amano of Serendipity on The Square may have had the best advice when he stated on the Denton Downtowners page yesterday that he will not be wearing his squirrel costume. Sound advice, Jeff.