Remember when we all gathered in the hot sun at the end of a long Monday at Oak st. Drafthouse and listened stories about a bunch of the creative things happening in town? You probably shook enough hands to make your palm sore. Maybe you finally met that one dude you've been following on twitter for years? Hopefully, you remember. If not, maybe that Twitter threw some Rohypnol in your beer. 

This was the 2nd of the Creatives Mixers started by District 1 city councilman,Kevin Roden. The encouragement from city leaders for a different kind of business in Denton has been increasing more and more ever since the first of these gatherings. This last one was hosted by Maker Space and featured speeches from the likes of the Denton Community Market, The Dime Store, Pan Ector and Triple Threat Press

Thankfully Fisboy (AKA Eric Michener) caught the whole thing with his camera and made a handy dandy highlight video of the evening so you can re-live it over and over. Zoom and enhance to find out if Twitter dude was anywhere near your drink. If you weren't there, you're in luck. You can watch the footage and have the opportunity to hear helpful advice from a few recent Denton business ventures without having to sit in the heat and stare directly into the sun. If you were there, you may now click through and see what you look like squinting and sweating.