School of Seven Bells

As posted on DC9 at night Welcome to a new joint venture between DC9 at Night and the folks at We Denton Do It, aimed at introducing local audiences to up-and-coming acts they may have missed during recent stops through town. They're the kind of acts we think you're gonna want to know--and right away.

School of Seven Bells - Interview from WeDentonDoIt on Vimeo.

School of Seven Bells shouldn't be a new band to most DC9 readers; we've been slobbering over the band's ethereal, atmospheric pop since we first caught wind of Dallas native and former Secret Machines guitarist Ben Curtis' new project almost three years ago now. And, though the band's down a member these days, it's still offering up a massive sound--and one well worth your listens.

We caught up with the band up in Denton a few weeks back when the band stopped by for a gig at Hailey's and band members Curtis and Alejandra Deheza were kind enough to grant us some backstage face time. In the above clip, the band shares with us some insight into their creative process, their inspirations and the unforeseen effects that their music has had on some of their listeners.