A Guide To The East McKinney Taco Corridor (EMTC)

Most Texans treat taquerias like bad lawns. We avoid them. We sometimes even chastize them. Heck, oftentimes we don’t even notice them. They blend into the scenery like a Texaco. Our ignorance of one of our most-precious natural resources is unforgiveable. We should be treating them like flipping bluebonnets; taking pictures of our children inside of them and stopping every so often to sit down beside one and smell it. Denton has our fair share of local, wonderful taquerias that each have their own specialities and share one thing in common: they’re all severely under-appreciated. More specifically, McKinney Avenue in Denton is the Champs-Élysées of taco shops. Within a half-mile, there are upwards of ten taco and taco-related dining facilities. We have dubbed this area the Taco Trail. The Taco Trail We’ve highlighted a bit of what is available down below. And while we highly encourage you to bike/walk/skate down the Taco Trail and follow our suggestions, we also hope that you take the time to be a bit adventurous. Try something that you can’t pronounce correctly. Dine on some beef tongue. Spend the rest of the day sick. We promise it’s worth it. You might even want to engage in an evening of progressive dining with a group. Make sure to have cash on hand and, if possible a Spanish-English dictionary. We’ll help you with the rest below:
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