Eli's Monday Minute

Today marks the beginning of a special collaboration between We Denton Do It and Eli Gemini. Eli’s Monday Minute is our weekly check in with Eliborio “Eli Gemini” Beltrán, local political hopeful and Youtube.com news reporter, on topics both local and national for a total of 60 seconds. If you should have a possible topic you would like to have Eli comment on, please send an Email to will@wedentondoit.com. In addition, please send links to any less than sixty second video retorts you may have to Eli’s opinions. We just may post them.

ELI'S MONDAY MINUTE Ep. 1 from WeDentonDoIt on Vimeo.


We Denton Do It does not necessarily endorse or agree with opinions or facts that may be shared during Eli’s Monday Minute. All judgements/feelings expressed during EMM are solely those of Eli Gemini. Should you disagree with Gemini, please send a 60 second video retort of your opinion to will@wedentondoit.com.