Dan Lam

n Lam is a painting and drawing student at UNT. Here is a short interview about her and her artwork. To view more of Dan’s work go to http://www.dannlam.com/.

“I would say that I am a non-objective artist but I encourage people to see what they want to see out of my paintings. I am drawn to making non-representational art. It is a lot more satisfying to create from my mind than from something that already exists.”

“In the studio I try to stay self-disciplined and self-motivated. I feel like those two things are very vital to staying productive and generating ideas. I also try to always work on more than one painting at a time. That way there is no lagging in between. If I hit a roadblock in one, often times working on another will help me find the solution.”

“The best way for me to work is intuitively. I know it's not supposed to be a good thing, but I rarely sketch out ideas. When I see the idea, I want to work directly from that mental image, not a sketch that has been translated in line. I also try to stay away from reference imagery - I find it influences me too much and takes the intuition aspect out. My work looks organic because the process of creating it is organic.”

“I create art by observing the world around me. I take in experiences, reflect, and then make. I would say that everyday life and human interaction are major influences. I am also interested in all kinds of materials and textures.”