One of our favorite things about living in Denton is its rich history. While Denton isn’t necessarily an old town compared to many, we’re only 170 years old, once you start digging we’re ripe with stories of families who have done some really neat things around town. This is one of the reasons we were so happy to see JT’s move to the corner of Elm and Oak this year - a cornerstone building of the square. Read on to find out exactly how long his family name has been in retail, and why we love to pop in for unique purchases.

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Step one: breathe. No, for real. Literally close your eyes right now and take a deep breath. This, my friends, will be the simplest and most helpful tool to get you through the stress (I mean joy?) of the holiday season. Whether your holidays consists of less than amicable family gatherings (that may or may not include food fights and yelling) or you’re just super busy with work and school – the holiday season can just be hard. Really hard. Like pass the eggnog and a 5th slice of pie hard. But it’s okay! I have some helpful tips on how to use yoga as a way to destress this holiday season.

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What We Did is our weekly roundup of a few of our photos that have been tagged with #WDDI recently on Instagram. Together, they give you a great idea of what all has been going on in town over the past week. 

Below are 18 photos from the past seven days of life in Denton, TX including images from Friday's Denton Holiday Lighting Festival, Wassail Weekend, live music, Help-Portrait: Denton, and plenty of other seasonally-appropriate Christmastime photos. 

If you'd like to be included in What We Did, tag your images with #WDDI on Instagram, and check back here next Monday. Search the hashtag #WDDI and check out all of the other photos that we were unable to include this week. Click the images below to be led back to the photographer's Instagram page. 

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