Rachel Aughtry and Shelley Christner of The Dime Store have been hosting the Etsy Denton Summer Bazaar for a few years now. This weekend, our favorite handmade market is sure to please. We're excited for some of our favorite local makers and artists to all be under one roof where we can find art for our walls, pillows for our couches, gifts for all of those summer weddings and new hand towels for the kitchen since ours seem to always be stained from chocolate, wine and darker colored alcohols. 

This isn't our first time at the Summer Bazaar. We've gone elbows to elbows with other handcrafted patrons before. Thusly, we took it upon ourselves to assemble some do's and dont's in the form of a Jive Five for you to abide by when you hit up the Bazaar on Saturday. Read 'em below and add your tips in the comments!


The talented Mandy Cave will have a few Denton-centric watercolors available

The talented Mandy Cave will have a few Denton-centric watercolors available

TO DO'S:  

Get there early. The first 50 people in line get a 'goody bag' stuffed with fun things, like 'free drink' cards from Jupiter House and stickers from us. 

Come a little hungry. Plenty of food vendors will be around. Make sure to grab a bite at one of the food trucks while you're waiting in line to get in. If you see Shiitake Swerve around, try their original taco!

Smile! We'll be out there taking a few photographs and want to see happy, peppy people buying goodies. 

Encourage your friends from Dallas to take the A Train in and join you at the market. Then, hike across the parking lot to Hoochie's for cold PBRs and a po-boy afterwards. 

Make sure not to miss the Dowdy Studio Wagon - aka the world's smallest handmade shop - setup outside of the Greater Denton Arts Council building. 


Grenade plushie from Fuzzy Muffins

Grenade plushie from Fuzzy Muffins

Dino-plushie from Fuzzy Muffins

Dino-plushie from Fuzzy Muffins


Don't complain about the line. Just be friendly and be excited that local artists are drawing such a great crowd. 

Don't overlook Fuzzy Muffins, located behind the plushie octopus. There is likely hiding a stuffed grenade and dinosaur, both of which are way too cute to handle. 

Forgot to grab cash? Don't worry about it too much. Just about all of the vendors use Square now. 

Don't take a snack from the 'honor snack bar' provided by Amitea and the Cupboard without leaving a little cash. That's just rude. 

Father's Day is just around the corner. Don't forget to grab a gift for your pops or grandpops while you're there. We can personally vouch for the beard oil from Austin St. Apothecary for the hairy old men in your life.