We've all experienced it when you first move to Denton. Exclaiming something along the lines of, "Unicorn Lake? That place sounds awesome!" only to be met with disappointment when you end up dining at a Chuy's or working out at Curves. While there are a few respites from chain stores that we do enjoy, there certainly aren't any unicorn statues or anything mythical/mythical. Resident Denton artist, Anna Ryan, explored these sentiments in comic form in the two-panel strip below. 

Our favorite part are the butterflies roasting marshmallows. 

You can check out more of Anna Ryan's work at her website or from her other comic for us last month. You can also go to Unicorn Lake and imagine unicorns (or dragons...get it?) while you get some ice cream from Beth Marie's, catch a movie at Cinemark, or work out at the Brickhouse Gym.